Mr. Viani is a Founder and serves as a Principal of West Paces Advisors. Prior to the formation of the firm, Mr. Viani was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Lead Advisor for the Northern Trust Company where he advised affluent families and their related charitable entities on all matters pertaining to investment policy and strategy, as well as legacy and financial planning. In 2003, Northern entered the Atlanta market through its acquisition of Legacy South, a Registered Investment Advisor of which he was a Founder and Principal. Prior to the launch of Legacy South, he served as a Senior Managing Director of the Wealth Management Group for Bank South, which he developed to provide focused investment management and fiduciary services to the Bank’s largest clients.

Mr. Viani has an extensive background in compliance and regulatory oversight, experience he has gained as a Trust Supervisor and Examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Mr. Viani graduated from the University of Miami, receiving his BBA in Finance.


Mr. Oglesby serves as a Founder and Principal of West Paces Advisors. For 12 years prior to forming the firm, Mr. Oglesby lead a Wealth Advisory team for the Northern Trust Company which handled the investment management, financial advisory and legacy planning needs of approximately 100 families, most of which represent multigenerational relationship. He joined Northern through the sale of Legacy South which he co-founded in 1996 to provide investment management and financial advisory services to affluent families. For 13 years prior to the formation of Legacy South, Mr. Oglesby was employed by Bank South. He worked in The Wealth Management Group functioning in the areas of portfolio management and client development.

Mr. Oglesby holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University, a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Vanderbilt and is a graduate of the Westminster Schools. He holds the Charter Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts.

A lifelong Atlantan, Mr. Oglesby is very involved in community activities and is an Elder of Trinity Presbyterian Church where he chairs the Endowment Investment Committee. He is a Trustee of The Westminster Schools where he serves on the Endowment and Advancement Committees. He serves on the Endowment Investment Committee of Columbia Theological Seminary and has served as Chair and remains on the Advisory Board of the Atlanta Union Mission.


Mr. Crews is a Founding Principal of West Paces Advisors. For the 12 years prior to the formation of the firm, Mr. Crews was employed in the Atlanta office of the Northern Trust Company where he functioned in the role of Senior Portfolio Manager. As a Northern Trust Advisor, he served personal clients and small institutions with a focus on the areas of investment program management, financial advisory services and client servicing. Before joining Northern Trust, Mr. Crews was an Investment Associate with Legacy South and a Client Service Representative for American Century Funds.

Mr. Crews holds a Masters in Banking and Finance from the University of Alabama, a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a graduate of the McCallie School. He holds the CFA® designation and is a member of the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals.